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Welcome to my home!


So let me get you up to speed since I’ve owned this house for half a year already and I’ve done one or two things. Haha. One or two things. I’m so funny. 


When we bought the house it looked kind of like this (except this is the new door, the old door was hideous):


It’s a smaller house– just shy of 1900 sq ft, built in 2005, but it’s plenty for us. Since we bought it we repainted the almost the entire inside of the house (remember fido was attached to the walls), painted the shutters, changed out both the ugly hunter green front door and the sliding glass door, mounted TVs, screened in the back porch, added fans, changed hardware and changed all the lighting. In fact, all the lighting is Pottery Barn lighting, but I got it all from Ebay so it was much, much cheaper!


The original house had bronze windows and we replaced them with white double pane double tinted windows from New South Windows (DO NOT USE THEM). I am sure that eventually I will get into the whole story, but let’s just say that their customer service is severely lacking. The windows are (mostly) are fine-ish.



Now this is what it looks like:



The shutters are this awesome color by Benjamin Moore called “Mysterious”. It’s definitely blue-ish, but it has a lot of grey and black too. It really depends on the lighting what they look like. I love it.


In October I’m going to be doing some serious landscaping and hopefully soon we will be doing some more hardscapes, too! So excited!


The front door is now an 8ft fiberglass, craftsman style front door. It’s pretty heavy duty, too! We were really impressed and it’s nice to have some light coming into the foyer.


Colors: Walnut Stain (door), Nantucket Grey (exterior) Benjamin Moore



Next to the door I made a chalk board sign where I write insulting messages. The UPS and USPS guys love me. Seriously. We talk.




Color: Cumulus Cloud (walls), Classic Grey both by Benjamin Moore


We stained the outside of it walnut (and by we I mean “the man”) and we painted the inside of the door “Classic Grey” by Benjamin Moore. I chose it because our foyer color is “Cumulus Cloud” by Benjamin Moore and the Classic Grey is on the same paint strip, just two shades lighter. It really almost looks white. The door is possibly my favorite addition to the house. I really wish I had taken a picture of that ugly, green door that was up before. Hideous.  

The foyer was also a problem because it was a tiny round entry way. I honestly have never measured, but I’d guess that it’s maybe 8 feet around and it has this odd niche built into the wall. We changed the lighting, added some flameless candles, and I decided to hang a bunch of really old family pictures in the niche. It was still felt like something was missing so I added the stool and the basket with the flowers. I know that I need to add more flowers– I’m working on it!  Again, this is “Cumulus Cloud” by Benjamin Moore. I think I’m going to stencil the niche with either the same color in high gloss or in regular paint, but two shades darker. Any suggestions?

The next room is this small odd room to the right of the foyer. The people before me I believe used it as a sitting room. There was a sofa and a bookcase– that’s it, but it’s small. It’s only 10 x 12. 


Office/Reading Room.  


Color: “Shaker Beige” by Benjamin Moore


This is the “reading” side. “The Man” had the brilliant idea of framing some of my favorite quotes (they are on both sides of the mirror) and hanging them around the mirror that I got super cheap on QVC. I love it! 


Mirror: QVC for only $40

The chairs: Ikea

The blue/gold pillows and throw are from Pottery Barn, but I know the pillows are discontinued.

The flowers, the wicker chair, the pillows on the wicker chair and the blue lantern: Pier 1. 

The coffee table, end table, smaller mirrors, frames, and most of the accessories: Target

Other accessories I got at thrift stores.


 This is the “office side”. I wanted something simple and I was, of course, inspired by Pottery Barn, but not inspired by their prices. I like to call it Ghetto PB.


Cork board, calendar, and the black board: Hobby Lobby. note– I painted the trim white. 

The Desk: 

The chair: Ikea. 

The chair cushion: Pier 1

The bowl with the fruit: Pier 1

Fruit: Pottery Barn

Baskets: Target. 

Dog: pound.

Accessories: Thrift store and Pottery Barn



We are working on making white built-in bookcases on the far side of the room. It’s a mess. You don’t want to see it…. yet. 


Now we move into the Great Room. :::drum roll::


Color: Cumulus Cloud by Ben Moore


You can’t really tell in the picture, but Cumulus Cloud is one of the most bipolar colors on the face of the planet. It a greenish gray in the kitchen, and depending on what wall you look at in the great room it’s either gray, taupe or any mix of the two. It really is a pretty color, but you just have to appreciate that you probably won’t know what it will look like until you paint it on your wall.




The pillows: Pottery Barn. I splurged.

The sofa: Ikea that I got from a friend for $200. Sweet. Love friends.

The coffee table: Target.

The sisal rug:

The “Let It Be” Art is by “The Man”. Aka: my man.

Console Table: Pier One

Flowers and Mirror: Hobby Lobby

Lamp: TJ Maxx


The lamp shade you see in the front of the picture is now on the console table by the dining room table. It is also from Pottery Barn via ebay. Love cheap(er) Pottery Barn ::sigh:: The red guy in the back ground I returned to Pottery Barn.


I’ve added some stuff to my coffee table since I last took pictures. The mess in the back is going to be “built in bookcases” using Billy Bookcases from Ikea, but I haven’t gotten motivated to finish it yet. That is also why there are boxes– that’s our DVDs and things which will go into the bookcases once they get some cabinet doors and “The Man” builds a TV stand thingie.


Tray: Pier 1

Candle holder: Pier 1

Mercery “cup”: Pottery Barn

Flowers: Target

Cup holder: Pier 1

Baskets: TJ Maxx





 On to the Dining portion of the great room…


Table: Pottery Barn

Wooden Chairs: Pier 1

Fabric Chairs: Pottery Barn

Candles: Pottery Barn (flameless with timers. Wooooo)

Accessories: Almost all Target. I think one of the candle holders I got from Pier 1.

Fruit: Target AND Pottery Barn

Chandelier: Pottery Barn from Ebay, biotch. 






Kitchen Ho! So these are the french doors that we had put in. They replaced an old, bronze sliding glass door that honestly looked like it was going to fall apart any day.


I had them add a cat door at the bottom so my girls can go in and out of the porch as they chose. It’s a whole heck of a lot nicer than being meowed at all day.


Love my door!


It is also painted “Classic Grey” by Benjamin Moore



Color: Cumulus Cloud by Ben Moore (again)


I love my kitchen. It’s what really sold me on this house. 


The stools are QVC knock offs of Pottery Barn stools. I want more. I need more.

The accessories are honestly pretty much all from Target except the flowers and some of the canisters. I believe they are from Pier 1.




The Bar


Ahhh… the Bar. This is “The Man” only request. He wanted a bar and he wanted it on this wall. I made a deal with him. I’ll give him a bar if I can do it how I want to do it and this is what we came up with.  He likes that I have to get a step stool to get to the hard stuff. Jerk. 


Shelves: Pottery Barn

Buffet: Pottery Barn

Chalkboard Sign: via me (frame from Hobby Lobby, Chalk board paint from, and plywood).


Baskets: I forgot. Sorry.


Master Bedroom: 

Color: Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore


Honestly, I haven’t done too much to this room. 


Bed: (my brave moment)

Curtains: Bed Bath and Beyond

Nightstand: Ikea

Comforter: Bed Bath and Beyond

Tiger Pillows: Z-Gallery

White pillow: Pier 1

Duvet: Target

Lamps: Target

Cat: Pound





Master Bathroom


Color: Unk. This is only one of two rooms that I did not paint. I liked the green.


Honestly, the only thing I did was add the flowers, vase and the small basket. 


Flowers: Walmart

Vase: Walmart

Basket: Bed Bath and Beyond



 Guest Bathroom: 

Color: Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore


Shelf: Walmart

Floral hand towels: Pottery Barn

White hand towels: Target

White extra tall shower curtain: Bed bath and beyond




2nd Bedroom


Color: Martha Stewart 

Frames: Walmart and custom store

Furniture: “The Man”‘s old house.



3rd (scary) bedroom/storage room/Huge Mess:

Color: In progress. 


We are painting (for months) this room “Spiced Apple Cider” by Benjamin Moore. It looks more red in this picture than it really is. It’s a very pale red as far as reds go. It’s going to be my beach themed room… eventually. I have the seashell duvet from pottery barn, so this red should go nicely.




Laundry Room

Color: Unk. The only other color I did not repaint.


I have done very little to this room. They original owners had put up a “fancy wood shelf” but they didn’t secure it right so it took down half the wall when I put the laundry detergent on it. Yay! So “The Man” fixed it, found some unmarked paint which was the right paint and touched up the wall for me and then added this fancy wire shelf from Home Depot. 



The Porch


“The Man” had this great idea to put up curtains in the screened in porch. Between you and me, I think he thought they would be thicker and he could get a little something something on the porch. But even though his plan was ruined, I love the look of it! 



I even made the curtain rods using supplied from home depot. It was awesome because it was so CHEAP and it was really rather easy as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the rods so I’ll have to do that when it’s sunny outside, but I’d definitely recommend making your own!


Furniture: Walmart

“Bench”aka cat box: Wayfair


Grill: Home Depot

Curtains: Wayfair




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